Taxi, as it should be.

Getting a taxi is never going to be the same. For the first time, you get to choose your taxi driver based on your specific needs, rather than have someone randomly assigned to you. Instead of flagging down a stranger, you get a trusted taxi driver, rated by other Taxibeat users.

Use Taxibeat wherever you are, whenever you want, at no extra cost. Tap for the map, pick a cab, hop in, get where you 're going.

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Be a 21st century taxi driver. Make your smartphone a new source of revenue.


How it works

How it works

You can finally choose your driver

Instead of flagging down a stranger, get a trusted driver rated by other Taxibeat users. Choose the nearest cab, the nicest vehicle or the most recommended driver. You can even check what languages they speak. Get a taxi in two taps: One for the map and the other for the driver you want. It even works if you’re in a hurry. And don’t forget to rate your ride!

01 Where do you want to be picked up from?

Taxibeat locates you instantly on our map.

Tap on the search button and you’ll see which drivers are nearby. If you want to be picked up from a different place just find it on the map and give it a tap.

02 Check the available drivers' profiles

See a list of all the taxis near you with everything you need to know.

How far away are they? What car are they driving, is it a four or six-seater? How have other Taxibeaters rated them?

There’s even a name and picture so you’ll recognise them when they pull up.

03 Hail your chosen cab

Tap on the driver you want from the map. They will respond in half a minute or less. You get a message telling you they’re on their way.


04 See the driver approaching on the map

As soon as the driver accepts your request you can watch them approach on the map. You already have the license plate and car model on your screen so you’ll recognise them when they pull up.

05 Enjoy the ride with your personal driver

Once you’re in the cab, tap the green “Boarding” button.

You can check the route on your map if you like.

Enjoy the ride.

Taxibeat drivers are the best in town because they know you will be rating your ride!

06 Rate your driver

Great or could do better?

Tap out a quick rating on our five-star scale. You can even leave a comment if you feel inspired.

That way Taxibeat gets smarter and our next customers knows what they’re getting into.




The smarter way to hail a cab.

Download Taxibeat on your smartphone.

Pick your driver, hop in, get where you ‘re going.

Get a taxi in two taps: one for the map and the other for the driver you want.

Rate your ride. Make Taxibeat better for everyone.
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Soon on other platforms.




Are you a taxi driver?

Welcome to the smart future of your industry!

Taxibeat is a new, revolutionary service that helps customers locate you through their smartphone.

Within a few hours of downloading our free app, you can start picking up new customers. See below for your benefits, and become a member today.

01 No strings attached

You turn on Taxibeat when you want to. You can use our service when you are not busy with other jobs. It’s there when you need it to find a fare.

02 Be your own boss

All you have to do is respond to the passengers’ requests by tapping on the screen. Choose which passengers to accept based on their cabbie-compiled profile, it’s up to you. No more phone calls, no more radio transmitters.

03 Can’t be any safer!

It’s no longer a lottery. When a passenger hails a taxi, you can see immediately if your colleagues had any problems with them. You decide whether you want to accept or reject the call. At the end of each ride you can “flag” a customer if you had a problem with them.

04 No registration or start up cost

You need only one thing to get started: an iPhone or Android smartphone or tablet.
No registration fee, no monthly fees.

05 You only pay for customers you get from Taxibeat

When you get a ride through Taxibeat, then and ONLY THEN are your charged with our standard fee. All fees are payable at the end of each month. There are absolutely no other hidden costs.

06 See where the action is with our innovative “Heatmap”

We map your city so you can see live which areas have the strongest demand for taxis. We record each search for a taxi and relay that information on our app you be at the right place at the right time.

Open the map, see the “hot” areas, and head to where the work is.




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